Deadline for applications is 23:59 (Kyiv time), July 5, 2019.

    I. General Application Information



    Institute’s website ICNC website or mailing listWebsite, mailing list or social media of Free Russia HouseAnother website or social mediaAction Institute 2018 alumniFriend or colleagueOther (please specify below)


    II. Professional Experience and Activities

    III. Motivation to Apply and Essay Questions

    You can answer this questions in a video (5 minute limit) or in writing below (700 words limit).

    IV. Visa

    Citizens of most countries do not need a visa to enter Ukraine. You can check, if you need one at the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

    The institute will not be able to cover your visa expenses, but we will provide you with a visa invitation letter.

    Citizens of some countries, for example Russia, do not need a visa for Ukraine, but an invitation is still needed to cross a border. The Institute will provide formal invitations and other support in order to help all the selected participant be able to attend the event.

    V. Registration Fees, Travel, and Scholarship Requests

    The organizers cover the full cost of participation, accommodation, meals and logistics of the 35 strongest candidates. These participants will only need to pay $50 before the event, to confirm and secure their participation.

    If you are not selected as a sponsored participant, the cost of participation is
    $150 plus logistic costs.


    Your physical presence is required in order to participate in the Institute, which will be held from September 15th-20th, 2019. Participants are expected to arrive in Kyiv, Ukraine no later than the afternoon of September 15 (there is a welcome dinner for all participants and organizers on September 15 at 6pm) and to depart no earlier than September 20.


    V. Accommodation

    For all participants who need accommodation, organizers will pre-book a hotel near the Institute's venue. Rooms must be shared by two participants of the same gender (each room has a private bathroom).

    If the participant plans to stay at another place, he/she will need to pay extra charges.